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We live in a constantly changing society where culture, experiences, emotions, the media, and our intellect informs what we believe, think and say, and how we behave and lead. The Upstream Pursuit Podcast calls women to go against the current by measuring everything against the Truth of God’s Word. Join Erica and Narcely every Monday for energizing conversations and practical tips on how to live and lead in pursuit of unchanging Christian values. 

The Upstream Pursuit Podcast

The leadership podcast for Christian women going against the current.


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Hi! I'm Erica Reese.

I’m a wife, a mom, a friend, and a preacher’s kid of two joyful, Jesus-loving parents. Throughout the years, I have taught Sunday school, led youth ministry and served in women’s ministry. I have a Broadcast Journalism degree from Texas Christian University and a Master’s from the University of North Texas in Applied Technology and Performance Improvement. But most importantly, I am a woman of God who is nothing without Christ. I have a strong desire to lead women towards a deeper relationship with Christ and to encourage them to persevere in their faith.

Hi! I'm Narcely Ruiz.

I am a daughter, sister and aunt. I gave my life to Christ at age 26 and since then, my love for Jesus, the Church and my hope for future generations drives everything I do. I am a worship pastor, musician, discipleship teacher and leadership director.

I served six years in the U.S. Air Force, have a criminal justice degree from Texas Christian University and a master's in social work from UT Arlington. I have a deep passion to see people achieve their God-given potential and to see women walk in the fullness of their leadership capacity. 

Join the Pursuit

Join the Pursuit

Our mission is to cultivate a community of women who pursue, speak, defend and live the Truth of God’s Word with great boldness and to challenge them to lead with Christian values. Pursuers are committed to the three pursuits below. 

Pursue Christ

Going against the current is about drawing nearer to the Source. Our primary pursuit is to seek Jesus, search His Word, hear His voice and obey His commands. 


Pursue Community

Going against the current should not be done alone. Our secondary pursuit is to surround ourselves with women who challenge us, encourage us and keep us accountable.


Pursue Change

Going against the current leads to transformation. Our third pursuit is to proclaim the Truth boldly and gently so we lead others to the knowledge of Christ and to life change.


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